Faculty of Commerce

A career in Commerce offers you a wide range of employment options, with the added benefit of financial security and success. If you love working with numbers, you can take up a career in Banking, Investments, Insurance, Accounting and Taxation, Actuarial Science, and Financial Management.

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Faculty of Education

Education is the key to unlocking your limitless future. Inspire minds and evoke change in teaching every day. Study to become a Teacher, Early Childhood Development Caregiver, Career Guidance Counsellor, Librarian, Tutor, Trainer and more.

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Faculty of Humanities & Arts

A qualification in Humanities & Arts offers a variety of career paths to choose from in the arts, writing, psychology, and marketing.  There are plenty of work opportunities that apply knowledge about human behaviour in various industries.  Become a Travel Agent, Journalist, Graphic Designer, Social Worker, Psychologist and many more.

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Faculty of Science & Technology

A career in Science & Technology offers adventure, opportunities, excitement, challenges, and prestige. In an ever-changing world, be at the forefront of new tech developments.

Break into Biology (study of living organisms), Chemistry (study of matter), Computer Science (the problem solvers of technology), Engineering (artists of science), Environmental Science and more. Secure your career as a Biochemist, Nutritionist, Geneticist, Audiologist, Radiologist, Pharmacologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Engineer (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Chemical) or an Information Technologist.

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